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The next water sign Scorpio is about what you share with others emotionally. The third water sign Pisces is about what you share and what you feel spiritually. So Cancer is a very personal energy, and it is working with your emotional body. So at this New Moon Eclipse time, there could be messages coming up around something new within you, that has been emotionally rising, and it is now brought to your awareness.

All Eclipses are about growth, and here there is a coming back home energy, because Cancer is about home, literally where you live, that is safe, that is private, that you own. Capricorn is about work and Cancer is going home after work. With this strong Cancer energy at this New Moon time, there could be lots of people moving, change of residence, understanding a new definition of home.

Another side of Cancer is the gypsy, the nomad, and you can notice the growing way of living in a mobile home, or a tiny home on wheels or transportable. So Eclipses are really quite exciting and fast-moving. They can feel like the unexpected can happen, and very often with Eclipses, there is a cut out in the energy light, it is like rebooting your computer, and when the light resumes again, you may have jumped forwards on your path of destiny a little further.

Eclipses are really quite powerful in your natal chart, they can act as wildcards, pivot points, cross-roads, decisions being made, and very often they can really change the trajectory of your life considerably, if they are conversing or aspecting strongly any of your planets or major points in your birth chart. So this is the perfect time to start fresh, set new goals, new directions, because the freedom factor is so strong. You are going to inject your life with a major surge of passion and enthusiasm. So check where 10 degrees of Cancer sits in your natal chart, in which House-Area of Life, as it is where you will be impacted, and this will give you what flavour you want to give to your intention.

So visualize your dreams for the season ahead as you initiate strong intentions for the next 6 months. This New Moon Eclipse in Cancer is about a recalibration about your feminine nurturing energies, of coming into what is necessary and needed now, without being too much of a caregiver to others. And that is important to be aware of, because the Cancer energy often needs boundaries, all the Water signs do, because think of how the water flows, water flows and it will just keep going and it keep caring.

It is the empath, it is the feeler, it is the part of you that will reach out to support people, take care of their needs, accomodate them. Well this Cancer energy is also about remembering to be in tune with your own needs, your own emotional nature, and ensuring that you are honouring those parts of yourself now. This Cancer New Moon has everything to do with your inner world. So Cancer-Capricorn is about the adjustment from the soft inner being that you are, with what may seem like the harsh reality of the world that you live in.

This New Moon Eclipse is invigorating, awakening, and it is healing. So what is the deep message for you that is being set in play at this New Moon Eclipse? Just know that this Total Eclipse is really raising your vibrations. And this particular Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer falls during a time where there is an intensified shift in Cancer-Capricorn energy.

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The Cancer-Capricorn axis is deeply activated this year, and all throughout next year , in one of the most powerful astrological event, the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Now Capricorn is opposite Cancer, so anything that happens in Capricorn is reflected on the other side in Cancer.

So this Cancer New Moon Eclipse precedes a Capricorn Full Moon Eclipse in mid-July, July 17th , and then at the end of the year we have a couple more Eclipses in Cancer-Capricorn, so it is a very powerful lineup, and it is so huge in terms of what you are undergoing in your life, how you are shifting energies in your life. Capricorn is an earth sign, and it is always wanting to be practical and plan and strategise, whereas Cancer, a water sign, tends to feel its way through.

Cancer the crab, likes to go his way side to side, rather than climbing directly at the mountain, which is the way Capricorn the goat tends to go. At this time you might be looking at issues of birth Cancer and death Capricorn , you may be going through a mini death experience, not dying physically, but dying to things that are just no longer needed in your life. This Cancer New Moon Eclipse is a perfect time to just getting rid of a load of clutter, and things that are really just taking up your space. This Eclipse time is about learning to trust, learning to trust that you can find the feeling of family.

So during this New Moon Eclipse time, emotions may come up, issues around death and dying, and rebirth too. Cancer is a private internal sign of emotional security. On one side Cancer describes your internal frame of reference, and on the other side, Capricorn takes that and makes it public in a career or world setting.

So during this Eclipse in Cancer, in conversation with Uranus, your frame of reference is going to shift into a new positive landscape that is devoid of fear. Cancer likes also to feel safe, it needs to feel like it belongs, it needs to feel protected… so security is a big factor with Cancer. And further more, because Cancer is a Cardinal sign, it begins the season of Winter here down-under, and Summer in the northern hemisphere , it then nurtures new beginnings and growth.

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Cancer goes deeply into the enjoyment of family and also that will trigger caring, empathy, feeling vulnerable, flavoured with deeper conversations that are more heart-centred. Cancer is governed by the Moon, which is the Mother energy, which is about feelings and nurturing. So at this New Moon Eclipse in Cancer your feelings are heightened, your mood can be more changeable, you have more heart-centred awareness, you have more tenderness and kindness. During this New Moon time where the Moon is coming back home to her home sign, you are focused on caring for yourself and caring for others more, connected to loving, to affection.

The shadow side of Cancer is being clingy, insecure, possessive, too cautious… you go into your Cancer shell, like hiding… Cancer is also about to be afraid of rejection so really wanting to have people love you and not criticise you. Now when you allow yourself to be nurtured and opened up and vulnerable, that is when your inner strength is renewed and revitalised.

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So during this New Moon Eclipse time in Cancer, this what you want to look at. During this New Moon time you will really notice who you resonate with at Soul level, and you want to nurture those relationships.

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Uranus is your intuition, and takes risks, Uranus is the breakthrough planet of freedom, and not walking the path that anybody else has walked. So now you are going to other places, new dimensions, places that you have not experienced before. Uranus brings insights and answers, that you may have been seeking for a while, and he helps you uncover a critical missing link that connects all the dots for you. This New Moon Eclipse is an up levelling time, a time for a vibrational shift for you, and me and for all of us, so it is a much easier time to release.

You just understand that life is constantly giving you new visions, new angles of view, and Uranus is giving you the vision of immense freedom to walk a new path. So this New Moon in Sextile to Uranus, brings a stronger desire to reform your life, and it brings the excitement to do so. You want to make new plans because your love of freedom takes over, and Uranus ignites your inner independent spirit.

So you are a lot more versatile, open, inquisitive, you really want to explore new perspectives, and you are able now to connect the dots, because your mind is open to experiencing a new way, and new dimension.

So we have the number 10 activated and in play for 6 months, so what does 10 means? What you have been waiting for may now be yours.

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The culmination of a series of events brings success and material accomplishment. This is the start of something new, and the innovative ideas and fresh beginnings you are experiencing now, are really an expression of the law of cause and effect. Events that appear accidental, result from efforts you have already expended.

Base you decisions upon precise and definite facts, then rely upon your intuition, which is based upon reason. Then you will know what to do. This Eclipse brings a time of progress, improvement and advancement, which will help you start a new life. However, if failure and loss trouble you, then understand that every circumstance in life is the result of the prior use of your energies.

So decide now to begin to work and plan wisely, so that you can gain mastery over your future. The Wheel Of Fortune keeps turning, and the next rotation can bring exactly what you want, if you begin now.

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So it is a great time to start any kind of therapy, whether it is physical, emotional, spiritual…if you feel the call to do so of course. What you want to watch out for, is not to be too hard on yourself, and make sure that the conversations that you engage in, are caring and loving, in order to not interfere with the healing process. The inner spirituality with Chiron, is being stimulated the Square conversation to awaken, and that is going to require your full attention for the next 6 months.

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Mars is strong in Leo, determined, a fighter, he gets his fire back after a long soggy journey through Cancer. Leo is a Fire sign, and Mars governs Aries another Fire sign, so this Square is a really fired up, combustible moment. Mars returns to understanding what he wants and really activating deeper courage. So guard yourself against impatient conversations, impulsive decisions, and if you feel nervous tension, then communicate with someone to clear out that energy, remember it is very much about release for the healing to take place.

And Mercury and Mars are going to stay conjunct for some time, because Mercury will Station Retrograde on July 7th, at 4 degrees of Leo.

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So these two planets are traveling for a while together, and Mercury Retrograde will venture back to 24 degrees of Cancer until July 31st. So just be aware that July is a time for you to be readjusting some things in your life, especially based on the House-Area of Life Mercury is traveling through your natal Chart, so check where you have the space between 24 degrees of Cancer and 4 degrees of Leo. Solar eclipses occur during the new moon phase when the sun and moon are positioned at the exact same degree within the same zodiac sign.

In this configuration, the moon passes between the sun and earth, temporarily obscuring the sun. Lunar eclipses, on the other hand, correspond with the full moon phase. According to Time and Date , eclipses will occur the following dates:. These dynamic lunar phenomena were feared by our ancient ancestors. Early human civilizations built their societies around season changes and annual movements of the sun, so when an eclipse occurred they believed that the natural order had been compromised.

To them, eclipses were a harbinger of danger — quite specifically, the apocalypse. Although we no longer connect these lunations to end days, astrologically speaking, eclipses are still a very big deal. Just as new moons are linked to beginnings and full moons are tied to culminations, eclipses serve as celestial checkpoints.