Toronto star horoscope march 28

You wake up knowing that the world is your oyster. You start making calls and confirming plans with a great deal of confidence. Use care while you run around today, as you could accidentally be misunderstood. Confirm what you hear before acting on it. Tonight: Doing your thing. This Week: Be stern with yourself.

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You want to keep your budget, otherwise you could ruin a fun few days starting Wednesday. You often deal with your moody bouts by shopping or indulging in some sort of excess or a favourite pastime.


You could get into whatever you are doing while working through some anger. Touch base with an older relative. Tonight: As you like it. This Week: Your spirit soars, and you could be hard to stop. You might come up with the seeds of a great idea that could have long-term financial implications Wednesday on. You might invite friends to join you to watch a fun softball game, go fishing or take part in any favourite summer pastime. Your high energy allows you to do more than many of your friends.

Be aware that they may be dragging somewhat late in the day. Tonight: Where your friends can be found. This Week: No one would even try to stop you this week! You seem unavailable until Wednesday, when you reverse gears and suddenly become a stunning, charismatic Leo. Be willing to take a stand. You could feel as if someone is pushing you too hard. You might take a stand and demonstrate your independence. However, think about this uncomfortable situation and recognize where it stemmed from.

It would serve you well to work it through. Tonight: A must appearance. This Week: Use Monday and Tuesday to the max. You can have what you want during this period. Reach out for a key friend at a distance. As you weigh the pros and cons of a particular matter, touch base with this person. You gain a new perspective as a result. Tonight: Accept an invitation where you can visit with friends. This Week: All eyes turn to you on Monday as you play the leader of the gang. Wednesday, you recognize the importance of friendship and a wish.

One-on-one relating draws a partner much closer than you thought possible.

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You might want to share some information that until now you haven't. Plan a day together with a leisurely meal — just the two of you.

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Tonight: How about a jam session? This Week: Perhaps it is what you did not say that carries significance this week. Others seek you out for help and advice Wednesday on. Defer to a partner or several friends who have strong opinions about what might be best to do.

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For once, you enjoy lying back and letting others make decisions. The nature of the people involved promises a good time. Tonight: Making the most out of the moment. This Week: Close relating and secrets mark the beginning of the week. A special opportunity is about to come down the path. Do not push yourself too hard.

Your might have less energy than you think. A loved one might want to have an important discussion or indulge in a favourite physical sport. Your instincts remain excellent. Long hours and low pay make retaining staff hard, but some restaurants are looking for ways to make it more worthwhile.

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