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To them the opposite sex stretches. They easily put people to their people and cause sympathy.

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Their face expresses inner fearlessness and determination. These women have developed musculature, and often have a dense physique, although there are exceptions. They love sexy clothes, but prefer practical. These women create a special style that distinguishes them from the crowd. They like costume jewelry, which they often endow with secret meaning. They like perfume and often choose sharp exotic scents. The success of a woman on a personal plane often depends on how she uses her energy.

Scorpio Ascendant - Scorpio Rising Sign – Vrishchika Lagna

Reckless decisions that she can take on impulse are likely to involve her in an unpleasant situation. Often women with an ascendant in Scorpio are successful and happy people. Confident and determined, they quickly achieve what they want. They build their future with their own hands, without asking for help from relatives and men. In everything, they rely only on themselves. Women have a very strong sexuality, so if they wish they can subjugate any partner.

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Despite strong energy, purposefulness and strength, these women very often face difficulties that they create themselves. Joy, optimism, a broad outlook, social interests are their key personality traits. They are full of energy, positivity, certainty and some independence, authority; interested in travel, higher education or social activities. May have a tendency to the large body size, radiate authority. Because of not proportional upper and lower body parts, they may need different sizes of suit parts.

They are something like centaur: strong powerful legs, wide hips, belly, and a much smaller top. Or, for example, men's chest is hairy, and legs are not. They may look like made up of two parts: sometimes they notice this when it comes to choosing the size of the clothes.

The face is usually oblong, oval or rectangular, large head, a high forehead, large ears, a cleft chin Men tend to get bald early. Prominent cheekbones, elongated face, the deep-seated eyes, the small lips are the typical facial features of Capricorn. In general, they have a pronounced bone system. They never are reddish, on the opposite, the skin of the face may be even grayish. In appearance and behavior, you feel a certain degree of rigor. Movements can also be a bit sharp. Men somehow resemble moose, women somehow resemble goats.

They are serious, responsible people, like order, understand hierarchy. First of all, they radiate lightness and freedom. Their interesting feature, both the Sun and the Ascendant Aquarius, is that their joints can bend abnormally even to the opposite direction. Apparently, this expresses their tolerance, freedom, non-attachment. People of this ascendant are fewer than other ones. As a rule, they are thin, prolongated. Even if they are plump, still looks light. They walk with a jump.


Your Descendant is Taurus

Character is unpredictable, spontaneous, it is difficult for them to plan what will happen in a week or even the next day if other indicators in horoscope do not provide stability. They can match seemingly unmatchable things colors, etc. They do not devote a lot of attention to appearance, dislike limitations, break all boundaries, are friendly, free-spirited, freedom is most important for them.

This ascendant gives the impression of romance, subtlety: the person looks spiritual, subtle, artistic, "not from this world.

Your Descendant is Taurus, Your Ascendant in in Scorpio

Tend to sympathize, are gentle, emotional, something secretive people. Ascendant in elements Character traits Fire signs give the character passion, activity, air signs provide dynamics, communicability, earth signs fill person stability, practicality, water signs are mysterious, introverts. Movements, gestures Fire person moves confidently, air person moves dynamically, easy, earth person moves stable, fundamental, water person tries to move invisible, walks like a cat. Ascendant Aries They are straightforward, valiant, leader-type personalities, pioneers: communicates directly, openly; in a non-harmonious case, can be rough, insolent.

Ascendant Taurus Sculptural appearance, embossed features of face and body lines are characteristic of such people. Ascendant Gemini These are living, dynamic people.

Ascendant in Zodiac Signs Men

Ascendant Cancer Characteristic features are expressive, maybe a bit blurred eyes, soft, can be slightly swollen facial features, mild, silky hair, pale skin. Ascendant Leo This ascendant stands out with a dignified posture: straight back, head high. Ascendant Virgo Their appearance usually makes an expression of a certain modesty, of dryness - it seems that in their world intellect, not feelings prevail. Ascendant in Libra Both women and men have good body proportions, are fascinating, with good manners, elegant. Ascendant in Scorpio There are a lot of representatives of this ascendant in our latitudes, so don't think that everyone will have some mystical appearance.

Ascendant in Sagittarius They are energetic straight, warm, people glowing with an open gaze. Ascendant in Capricorn Prominent cheekbones, elongated face, the deep-seated eyes, the small lips are the typical facial features of Capricorn. Ascendant in Aquarius First of all, they radiate lightness and freedom. What does Selena in Virgo give to all of us? Aug 15 Five elements. Inner strife Inconsistencies are part of the combination of Libras with Scorpio ascendant.

While the Libra zodiac is in general favorably disposed towards life in general and often lives for the moment, the ambitious and determined Scorpio views the world with a certain reservedness and caginess. Contradictions like this may overtax many Libras with Scorpio ascendant and cause inner turbulences.

Scorpio Rising in Navamsa D9 Chart in Vedic Astrology

This inner strife can thus lead to peculiarities that seem to be impossible to understand for their environment and sometimes even totally unacceptable. People who are born as Libras with Scorpio ascendant have an amazing erotic appeal which they love to use every now and then. Due to the influence of the Scorpio risings jealous and dominating behavior, the Libra sun with Scorpio ascendant risk their relationship by trying to dominate not only their partner but all matters of daily life.

Dominated by Scorpios influence Profound imbalances not easy to combine collide in those who are born as Libra sun, Scorpio rising.