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Visit a fortune teller or, better yet, buy a tarot deck and figure it out yourself. It's time to walk on the wild side. Laugh if you like, but be ready with a few well chosen spells. Christmas beckons enticingly as autumn leaves start to fall. Both personal assets and resources shared with others are ready success tools as the year plays out.

Financial security remains a focus, but goblins warn: steer clear of get-rich-schemes.

With the Sun and New Moon settled into your one-on-one house, salubrious vibes are off the chart for partnerships and contracts. Meditate on a crystal, do a love spell but promise not to hex anybody. With spooky vibes targeting your nitty-gritty house, it's wise to check the contents of your trick or treat bag verrrrrry carefully. Not everything is as it seems, so walk softly, wear a big smile and carry a flashlight. That old black magic has you in its spell as the Sun and New Moon hold hands in your pleasure zone.

You'll feel icy fingers up and down your spine as the miraculous pair gear up to do a magic wand number. The Great Pumpkin has tagged you for a treat. As the sun and moon bob for apples, a bell tolls. Do not ask. The time has come to lay a ghost to rest once and for all.

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You know which one. Play your Tarot cards right and Turkey Day will be a true thanksgiving. The Great Pumpkin casts a long shadow as planetary hi-jinx accent a closet witch or warlock close to your inner circle.

A sibling or neighbor may be implicated in the naughtiness. This could be a good thing, just be careful that your heart's desire isn't more trick than treat. Your dreamy manner and loony sense of humor mask plenty. Few suspect the hidden power lurking beyond your airy-fairy facade. Now, with the Sun and New Moon hyping your higher consciousness, the time's come to make long term plans and act on them.

It'll be a trip in more ways than one. Expect to see a witch cookie crumble enabling you to move forward on a long treasured goal. In the meantime, trot out your trusty Ouija board. What does it spell? With the Sun and New Moon settled cozily in your Twelfth House, vibes are off the chart where dreams are concerned. Remember: what goes around, comes around. What can we say, Cap? Saturn happens and then it moves on. Her transits and progressions showed that she was involved in a love affair. Being married with 3 kids, her questions revolved around what to do about this triangle. Her marriage, and her need to maintain that commitment was rooted in the need to not turn into her parents, and to create a familial scene that would shield her kids from what for her was the stigma of being a bastard, from a broken home.

Conjunct the Ascendant she causes the native to feel rejected as a total person — from birth. The Midheaven is the career point and when Lilith is conjunct that point, it means that the person is extremely competitive in the career area.

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There are times when it implies that as a child the native played the Lilith role with their parents. Lilith in hard aspect to the asteroid Apollo says that the individual repeatedly finds themselves in situations where they are bound to be rejected. If that had been the case perhaps we would never have forgotten that both the male and the female are equal, and that each polarity has its place, or its part to play in the creation of Unity and Oneness.

For some reason everyone wants a piece of you, and people are coming around, promising you the Moon. Things like this are intoxicating. The tendency to over-inflation is easier to monitor when you go back to square-one and remember who you were before all of this took off.

You are here

You see that those closest to you are either totally stuck, or ready to embrace newness and change. It seems to be your job to love everyone, in spite of themselves.

This has put you in a position of needing to let things be, with the understanding that people have their own lessons, and figure out how to work things out in their own good time. God knows what happened, but you're full of ideas. Regardless of what prompted the urge to get on the ball, you guys have it made!

As far as that goes, the need to stay realistic and humble is essential. Instead of going at it with a lot of fanfare, know that it's your job to keep the joy alive and let God handle the details. If you can follow those instructions and avoid the tendency to get nervous about how all of this goodness needs to unfold, you will wind up with something that is amazing to behold. On a certain level you know exactly what it needs to be. The problem is, old stories keep you from stepping into a new pair of shoes. In the long run you will pay dearly for the need to make sure everyone but you has what they need.

As far as other people go? If things are starting to make sense, it's because you just woke up to what you did to screw them up. What's now in front of your face will bring you deeper into the mystery than you've ever gone before. Looking at how, and why, so much of what goes on in your life keeps you overly entangled with others is about to show you that you can't want for anyone , what they don't want for themselves. It looks like all of your best efforts, and years of dedication, are ready to morph into their best and highest expression.

As all of this comes together, your personal life is vibrating at the same frequency. The inner and outer worlds are reflecting each other perfectly. Savor it. Honor it. Shower it with love. Times like this are few and far between, and they are what we live for. If anything you need to figure out how to float above all if this.

Daily Horoscope: March 8th to March 10th

Playing your cards right will involve waking up to the fact that this is no ordinary thing; you are at a major milestone. On some level you know there is no going back. Stuff that you thought you had all figured out ages is getting rehashed on a much deeper level. Time heals all wounds.