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Bhadra Tithi or Vishti Karana-most inauspicious Tithi/ Dosha

Pious and has a happy family. Mean minded, greedy and with bad habits and practices. He has a happy and contented family life, and an accumulator of things. He enjoys a long life on account of his pure and pious activities and is rich. From the moment of touching the tropic of Capricorn, the Sun moves Northward till it reaches the tropic of Cancer.

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During its northward movement, which is also called as Uttarayan, the Sun passes through the signs of Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus and Gemini. Similarly from the moment of touching the tropic of Cancer, the Sun begins its southward journey also known as Dakshinayan.

Pious and possesses vehicles. Forget and Forgive? But a lunar month contains 2 or 3 days less than the standard Gregorian month. Still, Hindu Panchangs have to follow the pattern of 12 months in a year. Thus, the remaining 2 or 3 days keep on adding as additional days. Hence, after every 3 or 4 years, these days assume a magnitude of a month and that year contains 13 instead of This extra month is known as Adhika Maasa.

If a person is born in this month, he is uninterested in the sensual pleasures, has inclination towards virtuosity, loves performing pilgrimages, is free of diseases and loved by all. If a person is born in the Shukla Paksha than is always happy and joyous, enjoys long life, humble has a happy family life, a tender body and passes his time happily and without any tension.

A person, born during daytime in the darker phase of the Moon, is brilliant, resembles his father, possesses wealth and honour, has beautiful eyes, receives love and affection from the king, is respected by friends and is rich. Has fair complexion, posseseses wealth in the form of gems and jewellery, is humble, handsome and receives wealth and favours from the king. Has a happy family life, kind towards animals, receives benefits from the king and is charitable. A person born in this ascendant is proud, wealthy, virtuous, having excessive anger, valiant but is still dependent on others.

A person born in this ascendant is a pleasant talker, is a scholar and loves all. A person born in this ascendant is proud, loves his friends, charitable, seeks sensual pleasures, is wealthy. He is lusty, annihilator of his enemies, and progresses slowly in life. A person born in this ascendant is religious but also seeks sensual pleasures, loves sweets, handsome and admires virtuous people. A person born in Leo ascendant is a sensualist, an annihilator of his enemies, eats little, has few children, is an enthusiast and shows bravery and valiance in the battlefield. A person born in this ascendant is endowed with beauty, has knowledge of the scriptures, has a good fortune, but is lusty.

A person born in this ascendant is a scholar, earns his livelihood by virtuous means, proficient in arts, wealthy and is respected by everybody. A person born in this particular ascendant is wealthy and a scholar. A person born in this ascendant is an expert in policy matters, religious, intelligent and an important person in his family. A person born in this ascendant is inclined towards evil deeds, has many children, is greedy, lazy but hard working. A person born in this ascendant has a steady mind, is promiscuous, slow at work but leads a happy and contented life.

A person born in this ascendant is wealthy and has a frail body. An Arien has restless and shifty eyes, is inflicted with diseases, protects religion, unfaithful, respected by the king, gives pleasures to his wife, charitable, fears rivers, ponds etc. A Taurean person is charitable, sensualist, pious, virtuous, valiant, wealthy, a seeker of sensual pleasures, is full of radiance and has good friends.

A Geminian person has a melodious voice, talks sweetly, has restless eyes, is kind hearted, very lusty, is prone to suffer from the throat diseases, famous, wealthy, is fair complexioned and tall, clever orator, genius, is of firm resolution, efficient in work, and remains judicious in every situation. A Cancerian person is engaged in his works, is wealthy, has patience, serves his teacher, suffers from pain in his head, very clever, has a frail body, lives in a foreign land, sorrowful, keeps good company, has a high degree of intelligence.

A Leon person forgives easily, loves to travel, likes to eat non-veg. A Virgoan person is a sensualist, respects the virtuous people, religious, clever, charitable, poet, follower of the Vedas, lover of humanity, interested in dance and music, likes to travel, and is troubled by his wife. A Libran person gets angry unnecessarily, is mournful, talks sweetly, kind hearted, has restless eyes, mixed fortunes, authority inside the house but powerless outside, a devotee and likes to travel. A Scorpion is a traveller from his childhood, proud, behaves roughly with his relatives, acquires wealth through hard work, and is.

A Sagittarin is of steady intelligence, pious and virtuous, has a loving nature, has knowledge of fine arts like drawing and painting, science, is wealthy, has a wife full of good qualities, sweet-talker, has a heavy physique and in some rare cases, a destroyer of his family. A Capricornian has the least importance and value in his family, is under the influence of his wife, scholar, undertakes charitable work, respects his mother, is wealthy, has obedient servants, is kind hearted, has a large family, and lot of worries also.

An Aquarian is charitable, lazy, benevolent, owns the most expensive vehicles, wealthy, is blessed with beautiful eyes, has a simple nature. He endeavors to acquire wealth and knowledge, achieves fame on account of his virtuosity and kindness, is fearless and enjoys his wealth. A Piscian is of serious nature, brave, talks cleverly, but often has excessive anger, tight-fisted, loved by his family, a devotee, a very fast walker, efficient in charity and knowledge, virtuous and receives affection and love from his friends and family members.

If the Moon, Saturn, Sun and Mars are placed in the Lagna 1st house , 9th house and 8th house respectively, this combination is considered as harmful and inauspicious, but if a powerful planet like Jupiter is looking at the planets positioned in the above mentioned houses, it neutralises the inauspiciousness. If the Moon is combined with an inauspicious planet, especially with Mars and if there is no auspicious planet looking at them, and if there is an inauspicious planet in the Lagna 1st house itself, all these combinations are considered harmful.

If a weak Moon from 6th day of the Krishna Paksha to 10th day of the Shukla Paksha is placed in the twelfth house and there is an inauspicious planet placed in both the Lagna 1st house and the eighth house, and also if there is no auspicious planet sitting in any of the centres, it is considered as harmful and inauspicious. If a weak Moon is placed in the Lagna and there are inauspicious planets sitting in the eighth house and the centre, this causes anguish and sorrow. If the Moon is placed in any of the fourth, seventh and eighth houses and surrounded by inauspicious planets, it causes death and calamity.

If the Moon, combined with an inauspicious planet, is placed in any of the 5th or 7th, 9th or 12th or Lagna 1st house or 8th houses and if it is not combined with or being sighted by any of the powerful planets like Venus, Mercury or Jupiter, the concerned child faces imminent death. If the Jupiter is not placed in the eighth house and the Lagnesh Lord of ascendant is combined with an inauspicious planet, if there is an inauspicious planet even in the third house, and if Saturn is looking at the combination of Lagnesh and inauspicious planet, it shows sudden and premature death.

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Astrologers opine that it is unnecessary to determine the age life span of the child till he attains the age of 8 years. The means and ways for the pacification of the inauspicious planets have been described in astrological books. In this way, the effects of the inauspicious planets or inauspicious combination of planets can be nullified and neutralised and they become harmless. He enjoys every worldly pleasure, is gifted with children, intelligence etc.

But generally happy, efficient and gentle. Mean-minded, greedy and with bad habits and practices. He is generous, patient, loves sweetmeats and possesses many qualities. He talks sweetly and is kind. He also has well developed forehead. But he is also pious and is free from sensual pleasures. He has a command over the arts. He is intelligent and achieves success in Business. Hence, he remains most of the time unhappy, lusty, engaged in irreligious activities and unintelligent.

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Srimad Bhagvatham. Maha Shiva Ratri February 24th, Sri Subramanian swamy.

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