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Ketu : Grandmother. Wisdom, religious matters, maternal grandparents, laser equipments,. Spouse Marriage, residence, nickname, sexual relationship with many women, attractive prostitutes, musical instruments, inclination towards traditional dances, scented flowers, various scents, bed mattresses, luxurious beds, royal ladies, beautiful women, sexual enjoyments, beauty, youth, dark eyes, wealth, vehicles, garlands, flags, gemstones, silver, shipping trade, witty speech, desires, divine prayers to the Goddess Lakshmi, exuding charm to general public, friendship, cows, milk, curd rice, lead metal, divine women, air and sea voyages etc are some of the attributes of the Venus.

These bhavas carry specific well-defined attributes covering alfthe aspects of our life and environ. It is understandable that the characteristics ofthe planets will be influenced on account of their placement in these different bhavas. An illustrative list of planetary characteristics in different bhavas in which the said planet or its stars appear is presented in the following: Sun Bhava Characteristics ofSun in different bhavas 1 Elegant structure, pride, strong bones in the body, prestigious activities, administration capacity, leadership quality, status, self-prestige, executive responsibility.

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Mars Bhava Characteristics of Mars in different bhavas 1 Brave acts, angry, impertinent, selfishness, excessive heat in the body, rough exterior, unyielding, shorttempered, never accepting to other's opinions, arrogance, pride, self-praise, innnorality, insanity. Jupiter Bhava Characteristics ofJupiter in different bhavas 1 Truthful, honest, own ideas, humble, prestigious, confidence, intelligent, calm and accommodative in nature. Kaalcflakra-Tfle Planets 39 9 Higher education, teaching education, professor, finance minister of a countty, extreme wisdom, changing conditions for religion, law and morality, religious rites, temple or church renovation works, temple trustees, manager of temple administration, leader of an embassy, exporters.

Saturn Bhava Characteristics of Saturn in different bhavas 1 Sluggish, cynical, maldng decisions only after due consideration, research skill, dissatisfaction in everything, inferiority complex. Kaalcllakra-Tlle Planets 41 Mercury Bhava Characteristics of Mercury in different bhavas 1 Intelligent, quick understanding and acting accordingly, slim and attractive in appearance, capacity to assess the circumstances, witty, brisk activities, unstable in nature, skills in mathematics, thinking twice before leaping, good nervous system, cunningness.

Ke tu Bhava Characteristics ofKetu in different bhavas 1 Unpredictable in nature, unusual in appearance, slim or stooping in appearance, crafty and scheming, criminal thoughts, over-acidity in the body, greedy. Kaalchakra-The Planets 9 Research in arts, higher education, transport, function halls, extra-marital affairs, foreign ladies, lady teachers. Karakas I King Que". Krishnamoorthy has advocated not to concern about the Debilitations, Exaltations, Oppositions, Neutral details of the planets as they do not work in most of the cases.

Bhaskaran, author of this book further advises to exclude the aspects of planets also as they seem to be unscientific. Sun is dominant because it is a leader but Mars is arrogant because it is considered as a soldier. Please note that the above-mentioned details about the signs and planets given in the tables are to be used judiciously based only on the questions that are raised and not for all aspects of the birth charts in general.

For further details please refer classical texts. If one tries to dissect the ecba11is of an apparently straightforward. A very valid conclusion may be'drawn from the foregoing that none of the cusps or bhavas acts independently i. They react on each othe1; including wesefre. An illustrative list fa provided in the following detailing the resultant attributes of Jheaction of different bhavas, one by one, on itself and on the other bhavas. II Bhava Bhava Attributes of II bhava vis-a-vis all the cusps 1 Encashing own thoughts, money-making ideas, quick functiouing of body organs, increasing skills, speaking ones mind, independant income, show-off of power through money, 2 Great orator, increase in money-related activities, good speech skills, truthful speech, body acceptance.


Astrologies of kaalchakra 54 7 Gains through social relationships, government approvals, government subsidies through legal means, gains through others' help, partners, spouse, banks, tax evasions. Kaalchakra-Tlte Bhavas 55 IllBhava Bhava Attributes of Ill bhava vis-a-vis all the cusps 1 Recording self thoughts, bold ideas and actions, ears, nose, sensory organs of the body, blood vessels, actions of the nerve system, body strength, putting into actions what are thought, independant thoughts, exposing power.

Kaalclmkra-The Bhavas 57 12 Messages through secret acts, agreements for losing energy or body organs, losing hidden records, receiving document on given money, losing records on saved money, totally losing hidden treasures, getting informations on clandestine plans, losing assets, permanently losing given things, pennanent separation of already separated persons. BhavaAttributes ofIV bhava vis-a-vis all the cusps 1 Manufacturing based on own ideas, bold acts, actions of producing organs in the body such as heart, chest, lungs and kidney, excessive productions in the body, doing what is planned, independant purchases, improving ones own energy and power.

Kaalchakra- The Bh avas 59 10 Prestigious post as Zamindar or landlord, owners of industries, responsibte officers of government records, responsibte positions, efficient officers, person who makes officers taking oath of office for higher posts, persons with name and fame. VBhava Bhava Attributes of V bhava vis-a-vis all the cusps 1 Own, deep thoughts, production ofliving things, excellent achievements in artistic fields, heart, chest, tungs and production of btood cells in the body, increase in immunity powers, improven1ent ofskill of imagination, independant thoughts.


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VIBhava BhavaAttributes of VI bhava vis-a-vis all the cusps 1 Own ideas, disease- ridden body, successful actions, functions of body organs such as stomach, intestines and digestive organs, large reduction of immune power of body, decrease in physical actions, lack of independant functioning, improvement of work efficiency.

VIIBhava Bhava Attributes of VII bhava vis-a-vis all the cusps 1 Combined ideas, submissive, kidney, uterus and abdomen, successful partnership efforts, weakness due to excessive loss of inm1miity, increase in opposition, lack of independant actions, facing competitions, well acquainted persons.

Kaalchakra-Tlle Bhavas 65 VIII Bhava Bhava Attributes of VIII bhava vis-a-vis all the cusps 1 Losing self-thoughts, body functions getting affected, wastage of produced energy, actions with struggles, blockages of body functioning, lack of body acceptance, reduction in efficiency, lack of independant actions, problems in our nomial activities, pains and sufferings, body injuries, remorseful, sorrowful, rueful, disappointments.

IXBhava B hava Attributes of IX bhava vis-a-vis all the cusps 1 Research with own thoughts, stable actions, producfd energy functioning differently, well educated, calm activities, increase in body functions, good acceptance by the body, improvement of skills, independant activities, some changes in efficiency, swellings, obesity, changes in body appearance, peacefulness, sleep, ideas.

X Bhava Bhava Attributes ofX bhava vis-a-vis all the cusps 1 Business based on own ideas, excessive skill of action, increase in produced energy, business magnate, prestigious acts, troubles in body functioning, body allergy on certain food items, improving on self-power, independent actions,new changes in working methods. XIBhava Bhava Attributes of XI bliava vis-a-vis all the cusps 1 Thinking more about self, excessive vitamin presence in the body, increase in greediness, self-praise, happy involvements, excellent body ftmctioning, enjoying food tastes, selfish, independant ideas, new changes in own actions, good imagination skills.

XIIBhava B hava Attributes of XII bhava vis-a-vis all the cusps 1 Masochist, losing energy in the body, increase in complex of inferiority, low self-estimation, unsatisfied involvements, hurdles in body functioning, food allergy, unselfishness, hurdles in one's activities, losing skill involving imagination. Kaalcliakra-The Bhavas 73 Making investments in desired articles, benefits through automobiles, hiding things.

Facing problems, losses and shameful posajohs in every activity, comatose, things getting confiscated, impulsive running away from hometown, dilemmas, suffering losses.

The significations may be categorised into i ascendant related and ii independant. Aries 75 In the same manner, the remaining significations could also be studied. The sign Aries contains these three stars leading to the following body natures : Asliwini : Owned by Ketu Acidity and Hyper-thermal. Bliarani: Owned by Venus Sugar and Hyper-thermal.

In the I house significations, it has been mentioned as active whereas in the VIII house significations it has been mentioned as inactive in nature. Does it mean that the person would remain inactive in the mornings and would be active in the nights? It could not be so! A mixture of sudden laziness and activeness would furm the character of Aries-borns. This mixture could not be comparable to a mechanical joint of a nut and bolt but would be similar to a synergic compound.

Note 2: There are million people in our globe, the Earth. Does it mean that the characters of all the possible million Aries-horns would remain as one and the same? It could not be rational; Hence, to differentiate, our ancient astrologers insisted to look for the star in which the Ase has actually fallen. This is what we call as "Stellar astrology". KETU does not own any sign of Zodiac.

According to Prof. Doing things as per selfdesires, Independant thoughts, Tendency to show the strength. VI House significations meant for I house: Self-thoughts, Disease that would lead to inactiveness, Diseasebome body, Successful actions, Active digestive organs, Lack ofimm1 1ity, Developing the skills and workmanship etc. II House significations meant for I house: Money making through self-thoughts.

Materialistic intentions, Active, Ability to express the thoughts, Show of status through money. Note 3: Now, as per the above stellar classifications, we could classify the births of probable million births in the sign Aries into three; the probable million in the Ketu Star, the million in the Venus star and the 60 million in the Sun Star. But stil I, we need a better tool to proceed further in classification. Thus there could be 9 parts in each sign.

According to this, there could be 50 Million births in a single quarter.

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This concept was initially popularized by Meena Shri. Later, Jothida Mannan, Shri. The advantage in this system remains in its scope of extension, by identifying the Antharaas and Sookshamas. Hence the divisions of a single star through 9 Bhukthies Kaalamsas or Subs as called by Prof. Baskaran, Author of this book, has propounded a theory of "Cuspal Interlinks" by using the "Kaalamsas".

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Through cuspal interlinks, we can get ,00I, divisions of an ascendant so that we can exactly find the uniqueness of each and every horoscope. For further details kindly refer the book, "Principles of Cuspal Interlinks". In presenting the following details ,it is assumed that the cuspal points fall in consecutive houses. Please see notes at the end of this chapter for other cases.

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