February 11 tarot card

People will believe your tales in no time. Aquarians with a February 11 birthday are quick which means you would bring a certain unprompted feel to the story or any project for that matter. It would also give you a chance to put back into your community. Aquarius birthday horoscope predicts that you love being around children and encourage them to become the producers and directors of their own lives.

As a parent born on this day February 11 , you would make a pretty decent father. You would want your children to be independent. Aquarius, with age, comes a more realistic and intelligent approach to mentoring, so they expect you to step up your game.

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Perhaps the Aquarian parent will allow their children to have their space regarding making some of their own decisions. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. According to the Aquarius birthday personality analysis , you have no trouble when it comes to meeting anyone.

It is not necessarily your fault, but wherever you go, you command attention. Being a part of a varied circle of friends, Aquarians have no trouble dealing with every one of their attitudes and mannerisms. You are continually showering your loved ones be it friends or family with gifts.

With a birthday today on February 11 , you are incredibly out-going, and sometimes your friends describe you as being very unusual, Aquarius. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! However, being too needy can turn you off to people that you would ordinarily have a relationship. You feel that too much involvement would damage your personality. It could cause you lose control of your freedom, and that does not sit well with the Aquarius.

February 2018 Tarot Reading: Creative Passion and Drive

Regarding the perfect match for love and friendship, one needs to compliment the Aquarius. Your horoscope compatibility by birthday shows that your intended mate should be intellectually stimulating, independent, and energetic. Aquarius, there are some people in which you will not be able to pair up with. You are a private person, and that person needs to have respect for your wishes.

Otherwise, there could be trouble. Aquarius birthday astrology also shows that you share a deep concern for your professional peers.

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You are always looking for ways to make their jobs a little easier. Try to stay cool. Shocking revelations, attacks, brutality, people doing very unusual things.

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  • TBlow your mind energy try to stay grounded. A good day to free your mind, can be a great brainstorming day. Lots of excess energy — go to the gym. Grumpy bosses, women PMSing, arguments, money probs.

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    The action is body and sensuality oriented. More earth sign spiling up.

    Mars is slow steady stable erotic, holding on to its stuff. Loves indulging.

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    Slow sensual lovemaking. Chocolate, music, poetry, slows down speech. Under a chatty GEMINI moon, you may be wondering if they really love you or not while they check their text messages all the time. It may be hard to decide where to go and what to do.

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    Best to stay in and indulge on your own turf. Taurus style. Moon trine SUN energy is light and sextiles to Uranus keeps the mental energy interesting lots of fun and unique talk and then a square to Chiron at last degree of PISCES makes this a painful sensitive feeling at the days end. Cancer Moon is super sensitive, nurturing, a family time, ruled by your tummy.

    Its an emotional roller coaster. The 3 of Cups depicts three birds perched on a tree, enjoying a beautiful sunset. There are three glasses, perhaps full of wine, at the bottom of the card.

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    • This card is all about friendship and abundance. It is about spending time with those rare and sacred friends that truly know and accept you. These are the friends that have loved you at your lowest moments and made you laugh until you cry. The 3 of Cups foresees you spending time with those you love this week and creating special memories. Find any excuse to celebrate even the smallest of successes. Maybe you celebrate the simple fact that you are alive and make some homemade cookies.

      It is such a treasure to have loved ones in your life. Let them know how much you love them and make a special moment. Something you do this week could even become a new tradition that you do each year. Soak up this loving energy as you go through your week. Share this:.