Toronto star february 22 2020 horoscope

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Yes indeed, Pisces, you can take care of yourself. You will not let anyone push you around. If that is what some people think, they are in for a little surprise. Your birthday astrology predicts that those who are born this day are easy going. You are energetic which makes you more enjoyable. These are two more of your desirable traits. One of your flaws of the 10 March birthday personality is that you are initially suspicious of people and their reasons for wanting to be in your life. You just do not trust people too easily especially when it comes to love.

You have a need to protect yourself and those around you. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it.

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Pisces, you really have a difficult time figuring out who has your best interest at heart. Deep down, you know your friends and family members love you. You can count on their love and support as well. Likewise, you are there for them. Sometimes you just have to have faith. Give people a chance to prove themselves worthy of your love and affection. I think you will find more often than not, you have real kinships and romantic interests.

Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! While you may bask in all of this attention, your birthday love horoscope shows that you need your lover to be steadfast and true.

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You seek someone who is strong and someone who can handle the stormy weather. You need to know if you were broke, would they still love you, Pisces.

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Your need to feel equal to others often can push you out the door and into shopping. Be wise; even if you see an irresistible item, honour your budget. Listen to someone's anger, but don't allow this person to trigger you.

Tonight: Treat a friend to dinner. This Week: Emotions run high and come out in a conversation.

Choose your words with care. As the day progresses, you seem to blossom. You will need to deal with unanticipated news from someone at a distance. Don't hesitate to ask questions in order to get a better sense of what's going on. A parent or older friend could become demanding. Tonight: All smiles.


This Week: Flow with other concerns. If you can, get a head start on your taxes. Be sensitive to what's going on behind the scenes. You might not want to open up a conversation, but you will be responsive to another person's attempt. Until you learn more, keep some of your opinions to yourself. Tonight: Get a good night's sleep.

This Week: Tuesday through Wednesday, the Moon highlights you in a positive light. Use this period well. Even in an uncomfortable moment or discussion, friendship prevails. Don't push too hard to get your way. If you do, you'll receive some hard feedback. Stay centred. Accept an invitation to get together with friends later. Tonight: As you like. Others come forward with their opinions. A respected authority figure might draw a strong reaction from one of your loved ones.

Look for a place of agreement. As a result, you will find the day more peaceful. Tonight: A force to be dealt with. Others check you out. This Week: Pursue an important goal until Thursday.