Libra fashion horoscope

Chief among them are grace, charm, and a knack for seeing both sides of an issue. Libra is the only sign of the zodiac that has an inanimate object as its symbol , but this belies the extreme sympathy Libra often feels for others. Libras are complex individuals.

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This sign hates conflict, but a Libra will often stay and defend an underdog and fight for the people and things she believes in. During the time of the year when the sun enters the sun sign of Libra , day and night become equal. This is reflected in Libra's need and affinity for balance in all things, and that includes disputes.

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Libra's motto is "I balance," and the sign seeks harmony in all things, whether it is a relationship, music, or the colors in his or her environment. The seventh sign of the zodiac is also considered one of the most courteous astrological signs. Libra is an expert in social graces, and along with Gemini , Virgo , and Aquarius , favors intellectual discussions. Ruled by the planet Venus , Libra often craves the approval of others. Even more importantly, this sign needs to be needed, and one way of achieving this goal is to fit into to any social situation that arises.

Libra excels when it comes to making others feel comfortable. While this sign has many positive traits, one potential pitfall is the need to go through life with rose-colored glasses.

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Libra is naturally optimistic and will often look on the bright side of things, even when other factors say otherwise. Articulate and charming, Libra has a way with words and an ability to talk herself out of even the most difficult situations. It also helps that Libra is a gracious winner, even going so far as to reassure those she has defeated.

Zodiac Fashion: Libra

It's lovable traits like these that endears Libra to many. Libra is naturally drawn to subtle and moderate colors, and she favors pastels, ecrus and grays over intense primary colors and bright shades.

Pay tribute to Neptune and to your watery roots by wearing deep, sea-green colors, like teal and dark blue, and something roomy on the bottom, like a harem pant or culottes. Type keyword s to search. By Rachel Torgerson. Click your zodiac sign to find the outfit inspo you need to live your best damn autumn life. Red Floral Jumpsuit.

Breezy Button-Down Dress.

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One-Sleeve Swing Dress. Striped Sweater Dress. Semi-Sheer Sweater dress. Cold-Shoulder Midi. Plaid Dress with Flare Sleeve. Collared Pinstripe Jumpsuit. Puff-Sleeve Tie-Back Dress. Faux-Leather Dress. Lettuce-Edge Crop Top. Feather-Print Pants. Mustard Lace Flounce Dress.

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Yellow Floral Corset Top. Tapestry-Print Pants. Fuzzy Navy Sweater. Chenille Longline Cardigan.

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Chunky Stripe Sweater. Striped Gray Poncho. Loose-Knit Cricket Sweater. Faux-Leather Lace-Up Skirt. Western Mini Skirt. Faux-Leather Striped Skirt. A-Line Leather and Tweed Skirt. Black Vinyl Zipper Skirt. Olive Cargo Trousers. Snakeskin Trucker Jacket. The Rolling Stones Tee. Snakeskin Ankle Boots. Lace-Up Leather Pants. Semi-Sheer Strapless Dress. Plunging Cutout Jumpsuit. Lace Bodycon Midi Dress. Ribbed Square-Neck Midi Dress. Baby Blue Cutout Dress. January 20 — February 18 Stellar Style: You love expressing yourself through fashion and are a true trendsetter. By mixing pieces from different designers you create fresh looks of your own. Plus, your sense of humor shows when you don whimsical items, like shocking-blue pumps. February 19 to March 20 Stellar Style: You prefer soft fabrics, such as silk, chiffon and velvet, and glamorous evening looks that filled with lace.

High heels may be your first and one true love. You adore heels in all styles, even if you don't wear them that often. March 21 to April 19 Stellar Style: You pick up on trends early—adding fresh twists to make them your own, of course. You love details and favor clean, dramatic lines, but whether you sport casual workout duds or slip into a sexy mini, your confidence is always your best accessory.

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April 20 to May 20 Stellar Style: You're committed to investment dressing: Classic pieces in neutral tones and interesting textures make up the bulk of your wardrobe. May 21 to June 20 Stellar Style: You choose clothes in classic shapes and styles but continually reinvent your look by wearing them with statement pieces from your vast collection of accessories.

June 21 to July 22 Stellar Style: No tomboy, you like to celebrate your femininity through fashion by choosing soft fabrics like silk, satin, and liquid jersey. You also favor pieces with subtle luminosity, like a knit tank in shimmering silver. July 23 to August 22 Stellar Style: You love designer clothes and have very sophisticated taste.