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All About Pisces Pisces Ascendant. These interpretations are partially based on the Solar Return chart in astrology. The second ten days of February will be less dynamic, but you'll likely avoid being left alone. In the middle of the month, work will fade into the background as unexpectedly pleasant acquaintances appear; likewise, you will reconnect with old friends who have changed beyond recognition. This is time for human contact.

Talking on the phone, social networking, gatherings in the kitchen-all this needs to be done in abundance. This is the perfect time to enjoy life in the merry company.

The third ten days of February will be a harmonious combination of the two preceding periods of the month. Work again begins to take a role in your life; if not the primary role, then at least an important one. This is a good time for deposits and a bad time for large-scale purchases. Now is the time to give gifts to those you love and appreciate.

Immediately reciprocated courtesy will stimulate both friendly and romantic feelings. This is the time for non-trivial solutions, especially in the work realm. You must be original to succeed, and do not stop halfway or give up when faced with unforeseen circumstances. If you work in an organization, enlist the support of leadership in your endeavors. If you have your own business, remember nearby allies when you need help.

The final part of the month is optimal for meaningful family decisions. It is very important to remain unbiased in conversations with loved ones as it may cause conflict. Cancer February Horoscope - How will be the month of February for Talk about it on the 25th, 26th and 27th of February Get your Cancer monthly horoscope and predictions for february with accurate prophecies.

Cancer february horoscope covers about your career and. A Venus-Mars conjunct on that day makes for an especially passionate and creative and perhaps procreative time. All through , Jupiter parks itself in your marriage house , according to Darkstar Astrology, which is great news for partnerships of all sorts. Married Geminis will see plenty of wedded bliss, while singles might find themselves meeting The One.

One reason: Jupiter turned direct in September and will stay that way right up through April, explained YourTango.

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In simpler terms, that means that you'll be putting your priorities in order — and your relationship will be top of the list. Good things don't always come easy, and if you're a Cancer, this will be especially true of your love life in the coming year. Saturn in no-nonsense Capricorn means that your relationship is due for a reality check , explained Cafe Astrology.

It's time to own up to your part in any conflicts or frustrations you two have been having be honest: Have you been expecting him to know instinctively what you need, instead of speaking up? Fortunately, things ease up by fall , and the new friends you'll be poised to make will provide more opportunities to get out, socialize, and reconnect as a couple.

Let your fantasies unwind — both in and out of bed, in the coming year. If you've been thinking about trying some role-playing or new sex positions with your partner, this is the time! But you might also find yourself seeing your partner through rose-colored glasses, making it hard to acknowledge their flaws or problems. Hard as it may be to come down off your cloud, Leo, make sure you take time to connect with your beloved and ensure that you're on track with your expectations, finances, and other important matters. Virgos are one of the more practical and down-to-earth signs of the zodiac, but that doesn't mean they don't love having fun.

And promises lots of it! Mercury in your house of Pisces will affect your creativity and sense of play, said YourTango. This could inspire you to be the one who suggests an impromptu midweek date night or a quickie before work.

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The zip in your love life lasts right up through the end of the year, explained Astrology. Not gonna lie: could be a bumpy year for Libras, romantically speaking. Temperamental planets Mars and Uranus will be influencing you heavily at the start of the year, according to Astrology. After March, you'll also need to work harder to keep the passion going in the bedroom; change up your tried-and-true techniques, and maybe try new locations as well.

You're no stranger to drama, Scorpio, but you'll still need to brace yourself for a rather tumultuous year, relationship-wise.

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You and your SO could have some major friction , warned Sun Signs; on the plus side, however, the influence of topsy-turvy Uranus could help you find new solutions to the problems that keep recurring such as keeping up with the bills or dealing with a headachy in-law. In late spring and fall, you might just make some new discoveries about your sweetheart that will change your perception of them.

Resort to some spiritual pursuits that improve your mental health. Be mindful of what you do and what you say these days and this is not a time to avoid grace. The planets are favourably disposed this March for Cancer folks. This blesses you with success in academic pursuits.

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You would be at your intellectual best this month. A good time to pursue some educational ventures. Look at the details and finer print before committing to anything, be it personal or professional these days. With the Sun in square aspect to your sign, be prepared for an intense period this April. Stay detached from social connections for quite sometime. And as Mars and Uranus are in benefic aspect to your sign, there would be a good expending of your skills and talents. Be compassionate and look to people for strength and support.

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You are ruled by your feeling all this month. Do dream big and things shall soon work in favour of you Cancer. The planets Mars, Venus and Uranus are in good aspects to your sign this May Hence this would be a much favorable period for Cancer natives. Your energy levels are good and the time would be conducive for some fun and recreation in life.

But do not over-do things, play within your means and do not indulge.


This May, your emotions would be highly charged and tender too. You would be a good shoulder to rest upon for others in need. Motivate them in a positive manner, things shall soon work out in favour of you.

In June , your ruler Venus is favourably placed in your sign itself. This brings about the true expression of love for Cancer folks all this month. Love and warmth would prevail around.

Resort to some sort of meditation to get rid of any remnant negative energy around. Use your energy towards good pruposes and make use of opportunities when they come your way. With the Sun still in your sign, feelings and emotions mean a lot to you. Spiritual works are best advised for Cancer natives for the period.