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All indicators are that if you checked on your negative traits, your meteoric rise would be unstoppable. The February 1 zodiac people are in the 2nd decan of Aquarius.

In this category are those born between February 1 and February 9. These people are strongly directed by the planet Mercury. Just like Mercury, you are reliable, altruistic and a good communicator. You always try to look for a common ground. Your desire is for people to come to an amicable agreement. As search, many regard you the epitome of a true peacemaker. You are highly successful in creating peaceful resolutions. You are the person people come whenever a conflict threatens to get out of hand.

They love your sincerity, good intentions, and advanced people skills. A person born on February 1 is very loyal and independent-minded. They have the energy required to resolve multiple crises.

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People identify these traits as leadership skills. It is no wonder, then, that you often find yourself helping others sort their challenges in life. You use your great imagination to ensure that you always achieve a win-win situation. With your multiple skills, you have many career paths open to you. Moreover, you will excel in whichever that you choose!

Your main challenge here is in deciding the one to pursue. Think long and hard before you embark on any one path. You can make a great scientist, inventor, salesperson, life coach, diplomat, psychologist…the list is endless!

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Your astrological analysis shows that you will thrive in any one of them. Orange is the magic color of those born on February 1. This color carries a lot of significance in their lives. It represents your burning warmth and enthusiasm. It signifies your ability to nurture, to succeed, and to encourage. It is the color of cooperation.

Astrology for the Soul February 28, 2018

Here is your complete horoscope profile that shows your personality in details: Your zodiac sign is Aquarius. Love and Compatibility for February 1 Zodiac As a January 1 zodiac lover, you come across as ingenious and versatile. What are the Traits of a Person Born on February 1? Your Career Horoscope With your multiple skills, you have many career paths open to you. Final Thought… Orange is the magic color of those born on February 1.

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  • Go ahead and surround yourself with this color as you serve humanity. It is your key to success! Share Pin. January 1 Zodiac. Mars Just into Aires, and Jupiter in his home sign of Sagittarius squaring Neptune as she is in her home sign of Pisces. Uranus in last degrees of Aries slowing down to go into Taurus in March Venus in last degrees of Scorpio.

    All the planets direct!! The feeling that comes up in me is: Start it up and move cautiously Our focus now for the evolutionary progress with the Nodal axis is North Node in Cancer for the next 18 months. This year we will need to let go of control and power and get into emotions and caring. It will feel emotionally unstable for many especially when Uranus the great awakener goes into Taurus.

    The main questions are what do we really care about and how can we tend to that!!


    Family, Roots, relationships with real authentic emotional connections. The Uranus in Taurus energy will bring in liberating and electrifying energy for value changes of all kinds, money, new inventive way for food growth etc,.. Taurus is all about value and stability and is the first Earth sign who likes things simple and is all about what we need to be comfortable in our bodies and lives, and what defines us as far as what we have.

    North Node in Cancer.. So From now until March, Uranus is in Aries, to boost and birth us with serious reinventing of ourselves. And Mars now in Aries helping us move into that experience as we start to birth the New Male Principal cycle into the world!!

    Astrology For The Soul

    The New Paridigm Male animated through the signs of the Zodiac. Audio recording is below the written report here. Aunt Mary!!! Page 1 Page 2 … Page 10 Next page. Aquarius is represented with the Water-bearer symbol. According to numerology algorithm the life path number for all born on 1 Feb is 4. This astrological sign has a positive polarity and its noticeable characteristics are self-expressive and extrovert, while it is categorised as a masculine sign. The element linked to Aquarius is the Air. The main 3 characteristics for a person born under this element are: preferring to communicate by talking valuing interpersonal relationships being open to new information The modality for Aquarius is Fixed.

    The main three characteristics of an individual born under this modality are: dislikes almost every change prefers clear paths, rules and procedures has a great willpower Aquarius people are most compatible with: Libra Aries Gemini Sagittarius. Birthday characteristics interpretation. As proven by astrology February 1, is a surprising day. That's why through 15 appropriate characteristics chosen and assessed in a subjective way we try to discuss about some possible qualities or flaws in case of a person having this birthday, at the same time presenting a lucky features chart that wants to predict good or bad impacts of the horoscope in love, health or career.

    Horoscope personality descriptors chart. Horoscope lucky features chart.

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    February 1 health astrology. Varicose veins which represent veins that become enlarged and that twist around tissues. Lymphagitis which is the inflammation of the lymphatic channels due to a previous infection. Swollen feet because of various reasons. Tendonitis which is the inflammation of the tendons. February 1 zodiac animal and other Chinese connotations.